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Lindsay is multimedia artist and animator studying at University of the Arts where she got her start collaborating on psychedelic cartoons for music videos for Manman, Plastic Little, and Mixel Pixel. She has curated art shows, run an art studio space, is a certified art teacher and currently a UX designer for an education publishing company designing digital applications for students and teachers. 


She has been working on a colorful series of paintings that explore the meaning of freedom and the powers that be diving into the subconscious, instinctual reactions of humans and animals. Social consciousness and healing through sustainability are among the themes expressed in her art. As the daughter of a wall paper hanger and teacher, art as a job was not an option. She wants to dig deeper into the mindsets that are placed on us and work through them to enlighten, inspire and be a major part of a collective awakening.

Her installations, paintings and animations have been exhibited and screened nationally winning awards and being played on Nicktoons sometimes in collaboration with likeminded Philly and New York Artists. View CV for a list of accomplishments. She is currently co directing a podcast, a digital radio political, historical, exploratory dance party that will bring forth the histories we didn’t learn about in school and help bring society forward while dancing along the way. Remember no fascists on the dance floor (or in our living rooms)!! Look forward to more updates coming out soon!

Podcast interview

She was recently featured on Tom Ray's Art Podcast talking about my art journey and the story behind the Manman music video, Engwish Bwudd..


Read about the interview on Tom's Blog

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