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I am a mixed media artist who tells magical, metaphorically rich, other worldly relatable stories through expressive portraits of skewed people, anthropomorphic animals and fantastical places displaying personality, feelings and perspectives. Some themes are power dynamics, the environment and healing with the goal to empower women and girls while challenging societal norms through art.


Art has  been the constant thread through my life anchoring me to myself and the world. In my twenties many times I would instead of talking to people at parties, coffee shops or diners draw them to capture their unique personalities always carrying a sketchbook and always practicing. I still do that sometimes. Since humans are full of interesting facets I use them to create creatures, too. Lately, cats are my favorite creatures to draw. Some other favorites are women and people who have paved their own courses and change people's perspectives on what is possible. Every day I try to be more authentically myself. Goals!



 I was interviewed on Tom Ray's Art Podcast where I talk about my art/animation life journey thus far and the story behind the Manman music video, Engwish Bwudd..


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