9 second clip of Astro Egglies


A combination of animation techniques from hand drawn to stopmotion. It includes frames from all of the music videos and commercial work I've done through time.

Manman, Music video: Engwish Bwudd, 2006

Screened on the Nicktoons Animation Festival.

A music video with a narrative about a poor guy dating a rich girl. There is a giant that narrates the story as he explores some of Philly's most well known landmarks in honor of the band originating from Philly.

Listen to the podcast interview with me about the video

Mixel Pixel, Music video: Haze for Days, 2009

Review: "Wild and funky animation from the mind of Lindsay Kovnat. This mixed-media masterpiece will take you to Pee-Wee’s Playhouse and beyond!  (The word of the day is “Rave” so scream real loud every time you hear it!) “Haze for Days” is off Mixel Pixel‘s latest LP, Highschool is not Hell.  The album drops on June 6th, but in the meantime you can listen to the whole album on their Bandcamp."

Plastic Little, Music video: AYND, 2007

Won Best Experimental Short in the Philadelphia Film Festival, 2008

Evil Sword, Music video 2012

Welcome Home Ugly, 2005

Senior animation from University of the Arts