DNA Cafe, digital painting, 2009

Upside Down Town​ (Children's Book grades 1-5)

Written by Penny Weinraub and illustrated by Lindsay Kovnat

About Upside Down Town:
Second-grader Sammy Spader loves her unique town, but when she befriends Jasmine the Yogi, their lives get turned upside down! Upside Down Town is a colorful, rhyming tale about friendship, change, and keeping an open mind.
About the Author and Illustrator:
Penny and Lindsay have been friends since 5th grade. After watching the movie hair they started dressing like hippies. They used to collaborate on psychedelic movies about a hippie iron man and improvisational skits since before they knew what the word collaborate meant. They created the book Upside Side Down Town together as adults.
Penny is known as the best rhymer ever and is now an acupuncturist who heals people every day.
Lindsay is an animator and UX designer who designs programs and apps for kids. They both love dancing, yoga and being friends forever!
We hope Upside Down Town will inspire a variety of ways to use and heal your body.

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